Security Guarding, Patrolling and Close Protection Services

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Asian Leaders (AL) – Licence No.1615, was established by a group of professionals, with the objective of providing a high level of security services to customers. AL is licensed to perform Security Guarding Services work (Type I) by the Security and Guarding Services Industry Authority (SGSIA) in Hong Kong.


Our team comprises of highly experienced local guards, male and female ex-Gurkha soldiers who are renowned for their integrity, reliability, diverse skills and professional expertise. All the ex-Gurkhas must have served with a good record with the military force for an average of 10 years before being considered for a career with AL. Military experience has enabled the Gurkhas to acquire skills directly related to the needs of the security industry. Patrolling, guarding, recording and reporting of incidents, responding to and handling emergencies and working with the public are their key expertise. Meanwhile, the supervisory staff are carefully selected and recruited mostly from ex senior ranks of the Hong Kong Correctional Services Department or ex Hong Kong Police Force. They provide round-the-clock support and supervision to security officers through a 24-hour hotline centre. The ratio of supervisor to security guard is 1:12. Our strict security measures and rigorous training methods have resulted in an alert, professional security force prepared to respond decisively and safely to any threat.


AL works in partnership with clients to identify opportunities to control their risk. Quality is our guiding principle. Through attention to detail in every task, we undertake to give the best possible services to our clients which exceed the legislated standards. The measure of our success will always be the satisfaction of our customers.

Stationery and Mobile Guarding Services 

 SONY DSC      

Provide fully trained stationary and mobile patrol security teams on a 24 hour basis with telecommunication equipment at designated locations. Our patrol supervisors are scheduled to maintain round-the-clock visits to all posts to ensure quality services provided to all clients. Clients are provided with regular and timely reports on current situations.

Special Event and Function Services

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Provide well-trained security personnel for crowd control duties at venues such as jewellery shows, concerts, sports competitions, exhibitions, annual general meetings, press conferences, sales promotions, charity shows and any related activities involving mass public attention.

  VIP Protection and Escort Services


AL’s clients include celebrities, VIPs and business executives in Asia. Uniformed female guards are available for occasions when security is more efficiently handled by women. They must have passed a rigorous interview and an intensive security training course before undertaking any operations.

24 Hour Emergency Hotline

In the event of any incident, a report can be made to our 24-hour emergency hotline. Our patrol supervisors will be sent to the scene immediately to take any necessary actions according to the standard procedures.Prior to the commencement of any service, a security audit and need assessment is carried out in order to ascertain the optimal solution for a particular customer. Once a contract commences, customers are allocated to an account manager and provided with regular reports, records of supervisory visits and detailed feedback relating to the designated locations.

Client Base

  • Transportation System
  • Airport
  • Office Building
  • Shopping Mall
  • Hotel and Residential Estate
  • Exhibition Centre
  • Health Care Facility
  • Celebrity
  • Educational Institution
  • Construction Site
  • Storage Facilities and Warehouse

Quality Assurance

Asian Leaders Limited has adopted the eight quality management principles in order to lead and operate the company successfully, to direct and control it in a systematic and transparent manner.

Success can result from implementing and maintaining a management system that is designed to continually improve performance, while addressing the needs of all interested parties. A commitment to quality and a dedication to tackling the real issues customers face are characteristics of which Asian Leaders Limited is proud.

We strive to focus on our customers’ needs and how we can best use our abilities and resources to add value for them by developing innovative solutions and managing risk. We like to work “with” rather than just “for” our customers and pride ourselves on the imagination, skill, and high standards that we apply to all our projects.


We are always your first choice partner

  • Your success is our prime concern
  • We continually strive for excellence
  • We are trustworthy


Quality Policy Statement


The management is fully committed to the development and implementation of our quality management system, and continually improving its’ effectiveness by ensuring that quality objectives are established and reviewed periodically for continual suitability.

To ensure that these objectives are achieved, the Quality Manual has been prepared and the management will ensure that the quality objectives and quality standards are documented, understood and practiced by all employees.



Asian Leaders Limited (AL) – Licence No. 1615, is currently implementing a Safety Management System in accordance with the requirements of Factories & Industrial Undertakings Regulation.

Safety Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Company to provide a safe working environment for its employees and subcontractors; to ensure that its operations are carried out in a safe and efficient manner and that safety is placed to the First Priority. Moreover, the safety of third party and public is protected as well.

In order to achieve our ultimate goal that accidents are totally eliminated, we not only commit to maintain high standard of safety and to fully comply with health and safety legislation and contractual safety requirements on site, but also aim at progressive improvement in safety and health performance. 

Safety Steering Committee is charged with overall responsibility to plan, monitor and review the safety and health performance. The Director is accountable to the Managing Director for overall co-ordination and implementation of the policy. All line managers have a legal responsibility to co-ordinate, promote and implement all safety related activities.


Asian Leaders' in-house Basic Briefing before Deployment

The following topics are covered during AL’s in-House General Discussion and Briefing Deployment:

  • Role, General Duties and Responsibilities of a Security Guard / Supervisor
  • Conduct and Behaviour
  • Uniform and Equipment
  • Legal Responsibilities and Relevant Legislation
  • Fire Prevention and Procedure
  • Handling of Emergencies
  • Reporting and Recording
  • Access Control and Patrolling
  • Health and Safety
  • Courtesy and Customer Relations



Security Guarding and Patrolling Services