Skilled Worker Supply Services


1. Carpenter and Joiner-Building and Civil


Asian Leaders' Carpenters are well experienced on both traditional and system type formworks for building and civil works.

2. Concreter-Building and Civil

Concrte works   

Asian Leaders supplies concreter for all types of civil and building concreting works.

3. Registered Electrician Workers- Industrial and Construction


Asian Leaders supplies all type of REWs for building and civil construction projects.

4. Rigger-Installer and Signaller

Asian Leaders supplies experienced riggers and installers.

5. Welders- General and Structural


Asian Leaders supplies General and Structural Welders.

6. Scaffolding and Aerial Access and Platform Solution

Viaduct scaffold

Asian Leaders supplies experienced and Form 5 signatory metal scaffolders for erection/dismantling of shoring, working platform, access tower, false work etc.

7. Tunnelling and Track works

Tunneling             TBM

Asian Leaders supplies experienced tunnelling crew for both TBM and Drill & Blast

Cavern shutter stopend erection        Cavern pouring concrete for adit B enlargement 2nd lift

Tunnel Lining, Cut and Cover Crew- Carpenter, Concreter, Rigger etc.

Track works

Track and OHL Crew

Female Labour and Traffic Signaller
General Labour
Maintenance and Miscellaneous Works Workers
Mechanical Fitter
Steel Workers